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Half Way House Program

Dismas House strives to prepare offenders for their return to free-society by offering assistance in job placement, housing placement, vocational or educational referrals, and substance abuse counseling. Dismas House offers in-house life-skills classes to help residents deal with the new pressures of day-to-day life in a free society. These classes cover stress management, parenting skills, basic personal finance, public health issues, and employment readiness. Offenders learn fiscal responsibility by paying a percentage of their income towards their room and board.

Dismas House recognizes that the offenderís return to the house is an adjustment to both the offender and to the family he is returning to. To this end, Dismas House allows for both supervised visits in the facility and unsupervised pass time away from the facility to ease the transition for the resident and his family. Residents earn more and more time away from the facility by completing their program goals and complying with program rules. Most Bureau of Prisons residents will have the opportunity to participate in a home confinement program before they discharge. This allows them to live at an approved home location while still maintaining accountability to the BOP. Residentís whereabouts are known by staff at all times and are verified through random accountability checks.